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Welcome to ARUKAS vocal&voice training!!

Hi, everybody!
Welcome to ARUKAS vocal&voice training.
I’ve just opened my original web page now.

To tell you about ARUKAS meaning,
It means “SAKURA” from my family name “SAKURAI”.
You know, SAKURA is Japanese national flower.
When you write “SAKURA” from the right,
and you can read “ARUKAS” from the left.

”ARUKAS” is similar to “arcus” of Latin.
It has meaning “Rainbow”
I’d like to show/charm you
what do I do.
I’ll help you by not only vocal&voice lesson,
but also several other things.

That’s why I named my Business name by myself.


I have really strong feeling about “SAKURA”.

My family name is SAKURAI.
That’s why I’m particular about SAKURA name.
And also,
SAKURA is national flower and Japanese symbol.

“SAKURA tree is planted in all of Japanese school.
Because SAKURA tree keep growing up forever and ever.
It’s prayed that children will keep growing up as SAKURA tree.
That’s why most of school in Japan have SAKURA tree in their spaces.”

My professor told me at university when I was a student.

is really keep growing up
especially their roots.
So, they can’t live longer than a single SAKURA tree.

When I remember that,
I also try to work independently without frolic.
I made up my mind.

To study and to work.
We can’t keep doing them without fun.
We learn to sleep, eat, and after we play.
Before we work.

ARUKAS is trying to provide lessons which have fun.

“I’d like to provide lesson without stress free for many people”

My lesson is one to one lesson which is thought for each of students.
I make a lesson plan for them with hearing them.

I hope to see you someday and welcome your question anytime.

ARUKAS vocal&voice training